Cross Country Skiing

In early 2020 I got a set of cross-country skis. When winter came around again in late 2020 I knew it was the activity for me. There was no way I was gonna spend time going to ski hills during a pandemic.

1. The Boots

Cross-country ski boots are about as close to science-fiction space boots as you can get. They've got intense sturdy soles, and either lots of ankle support (for skate skiing) or some ankle support (for classic skiing). Both of these ankle supports are good enough for science-fiction boots. Sometimes you even get boots that have an "outer-layer" of sorts with a cool zipper down the side.

Jupiter, here we go!

2. Working out!

It's pretty intense cardio. What a delight to get out for a few hours and just go.

When it's really sunny, it can get very hot and sweaty. Got to have the right layering set-up for a good day out. And snacks and break times.

3. Relaxing

Going on level terrain has just the right about of speed and glide to make it fun, without worrying about going back uphill in the other direction.

The end!