Spooky times at dark Victorian high

Bloodborne: a Good Game

No, I do not have a PlayStation 4. Yes I do like Bloodborne. No, I'm not very good at it. Yes, it's spooky.

Blood rituals: Tell me more!

Something spooky is going down in Yarnham. Everyone in town is either gone scary or scared shitless. It's a tough time to be wandering around with a sword, and apparently a pretty serious mission.

What exactly is that mission? Gotta go a long way through before you ever get the idea. All the lore in this game is written on cryptic notes about professors and priests and "darkness" or something else.

Just monsters

The baddies are tough! I spent hours and hours just bumming around "Central Yarnham" trying to get past the crowd with a big bonfire! Lo had to run me through all the baddies just to get me to the Insight you need to get to the Hunter's Dream. Yikes!

And don't even get me started on Father Gasciogne (Gask-ee-own-ee); he's vicious! And not in the cool way.

There's some fun monsters too though. Like these danger puppies.

"Hello! No, you can not pet me."

Night time

For a game that takes place only at night it's pretty easy to see stuff. Much more "helm's deep" and less "game of thrones" in terms of how to see things on a screen in darkness.

Aesthetics aside, this begs a question for the lore about how the Hunter's Dream and awakening really works. How does killing great beasts affect the mind of the hunter and determine when in the night they awaken after death. What was in the blood Iosefka gave that cursed this hunter to continue to reawaken throughout this night?

The only "Edge of Tomorrow"/"Live. Die. Repeat" gif. I guess renaming your movie for DVD release makes it hard to tag. OH WELL.

The end!