A lot to choose from

Star Trek

Star Trek is such a delight. There's hundreds of episodes to choose from, with so many lovable characters to watch go on adventures through the galaxy. They really shot for the stars with this one.

1. Garak

Garak is a delighful but devious Cardassian. He hangs out on the Deep Space Nine "Promenade" (where he was a shop), and goes on lunch dates with Dr. Bashir. They're probably in love, but who knows! ;)

There's a great episode called "In The Pale Moonlight" where he leads Captain Sisko on a path of deceit to draw the Romulan Star Empire into a war with The Dominion. It works, but at what cost?

2. Captain Shriker

No, he's not really the Captain, and his name isn't Shriker. But in the 2 part episode "The Best of Both Worlds" Commander Riker takes command of the Enterprise-D while Captain Picard is stuck being assimilated by the Borg! Scary times ensue at Wolf 359, but Riker and the crew prevail. They even get Picard back and unassimilate him.

3. The Voyager Conspiracy

A late season hard-hitter for Voyager! Is it a clip-show? Maybe. It cleverly hits on the greatest hits of the Voyager story and twists them in a new light. Seven of Nine asserts that a long-running conspiracy is afoot by the Federation to have wanted Voyager in the Delta Quadrant all along. Using various events in the past seasons as evidence, she makes her case. Wild! I wasn't really on The Internet in the late 90s (like I knew how to search for "polar bears" for school projects, but I was not in any fan communities), but I imagine this responded to some kind of fan-theory about the series.

4. Bar Association

Rom discovers communism. Miles gets into a fight with Worf because Worf crosses the picket line and Miles is a union-man. Unfortunately the fight isn't shown on-screen, but well... C'mon Worf, is your prune juice that vital? I'm pretty sure this is where the gif above comes from

"Is that worf?"

"It is!"

5. Sub Rosa

Who doesn't want a sexy candle. Rwar xD

6. The Inner Light

This episode is really great! And I'm including it on this list to show that I'm not just shitposting my way through this list. I can be "sophisticated."

7. If Memory Serves (the one where Pike goes back to Talos IV)

Sesaon 2 of Star Trek: Discovery is so wonderful. We get to hang out with Captain Pike, who is otherwise only known from the original Pilot episode of The Original Series. So Anson Mount gets to have a lot of fun making a new character. In this episode Michael Burnham and Spock go to Talos IV, a planet hidden by an illusory black hole to uncover memories and interpersonal (sibling) conflict. At the end the Discovery shows up and Captain Pike gets to see the friends he made in The Cage again, and for the last time.

8. Going to Book's home planet

Another good entry for Star Trek Discovery. Mainly including this one because there's a few shots in the fancy modern-futuristic mansion where these giant rusty-metal pinecones appear in the background. It's the very far future, so I guess 21st century Canadian sculpture can be anywhere!

The end!