It's so good!

Lord of the Rings

You may ask why I love Lord of the Rings so much, but the answer is simple.

1. Gandalf

Gandalf is really great. He's a magical wizard with lots of special powers. He can summon eagles (giant ones) with the help of moths (little)! His horse, Shadowfax, is very strong and powerful. Legolas (we'll get more about him later) says there's something special and Elvish about him, but I don't speak Elvish.

I think it's this scene. Scary, amiright?

Gandalf can also understand the Witch King (and this is very important and makes me cry). When he rides with Pippin at Minas Tirith, the Witch King confronts them and goes off about "I've won, Sauron is the best, blah blah blah, you've lost, etc. etc." but for Pippin all he hears is the screeching wailing of the Ringwraiths that we've heard before! And it's terrifying, and sad that Pippin is so overwrought with such distress at this event. Nevertheless, Gandalf is powerful and can stand up to the Witch King, even if his staff gets shattered.

2. This guy

Insert faramir.gif

3. Eowyn

Miranda Otto portray Eowyn, which is pretty great. You may know her now from the hit netflick series "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" but first she was Eowyn in two of the three Lord of the Rings movies. It is rather unforunate those birds got in the way of things as the Fellowship was headed to the Gap of Rohan. They might have stopped by Edoras in the first movie too then, and everyone could have met Eowyn way sooner.

ANYWAY, she is both fancy and fierce! She secretly rides to Gondor to fight with her pals the Rohirrim (including her uncle, who is the King of Rohan), and even takes Merry along! Some people on The Internet think they fuck. More importantly, nobody gives them grief when they are at camp with all the other Rohirrim (and they ALL know who Eowyn and her new short companion are). She also deals the striking blow to the Witch King (and we know he's a bad guy) and delivers a really cool line while doing so. I won't spoil that for you though! You'll have to find out on your own. ;)

4. The scene where the Riders of Rohan come over the hill to Pelennor Fields

I didn't realise this scene in the book went so hard. But when I first read it, I just re-read the same first paragraph of this chapter over and over again. The sun shines off of Theoden's shield, the white horse on the green field of the flag of Rohan. The riders sing as they sweep the battlefield and the orcs flee.

Also pretty great in the movie, where it DOES NOT HELP that the horn of Rohan is what grabs the Witch King's attention away from Gandalf and Pippin (see point 1, above). So just when I'm down to my last tears fearing for Pippin and Gandalf, Theoden comes through with the entire host of Rohan. Not to mention Merry and Eowyn (point 3) are there too!

5. Frodo and Sam

What a great pair they are. They help each other out and get to Mordor. It would be really scary to go alone, so I'm glad Frodo had his Sam, and Sam had his Frodo the whole way. Just scroll to the top and let the gifs repeat once or twice to get what I mean, and a few dozen times to really feel the love.

The end!